Sangbok <chord> {t:Blowin' in the Wind} {st:Bob Dylan}

[C]How many [F]roads must a [C/b]man walk [Am]down be[C]fore you [F]call him a [G7]man? [C]How many [F]seas must a [C/b]white dove [Am]sail be[C]fore she [F]sleeps in the [G7]sand? [C]How many [F]times must the [C/b]cannonballs [Am]fly be[C]fore they're for[F]ever [G7]banned?

{soc} The [F]answer, my [G]friend, is [Em]blowin' in the [Am]wind. The [Dm]answer is [G]blowin' in the [C]wind. {eoc}

[C]How many [F]years can a [C/b]mountain e[Am]xist be[C]fore it's [F]washed to the [G7]sea? [C]How many [F]years can some [C/b]people e[Am]xist be[C]fore they're al[F]lowed to be [G7]free? [C]How many [F]times can a man [C/b]turn his [Am]head pre[C]tending he [F]just doesn't [G7]see?

{soc} The [F]answer, … {eoc}

[C]How many [F]times must a [C/b]man look [Am]up be[C]fore he can [F]see the [G7]sky? [C]How many [F]ears must [C/b]one man [Am]have be[C]fore he can [F]hear people [G7]cry? [C]How many [F]deaths will it [C/b]take till he [Am]knows that [C]too many [F]people have [G7]died?

{soc} The [F]answer, … {eoc}


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